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Melasma and Sun Spots:

Among the most common skin care concerns we treat in our office, melasma and sunspots rank at the top of the list. Southern California is known for it's beautiful beaches and warm sunny days. However, as much as we all love the sun, it is known to be the biggest culprit for uneven pigment. Two of the conditions caused by UV damage are melasma and sunspots.


Melasma is a condition triggered by hormones and UV exposure. Brown and
grey patches of pigment on the cheeks, nose, forehead, and upper lip, are among
the most common symptoms. Often times melasma is seen during pregnancy and
menopause, although it can occur during other times of your life. The best 
prevention for melasma is the daily use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen. 

To treat melasma, we use combination therapy to provide our patients with the
quickest and most effective results. We offer two different skin 
lighteners, for at home use, as well as a Q-switched laser that safely breaks up
melasma, without pain and down-time. Below is a list of common treatments
we use in our office to treat melasma.

Light Chemical Peels
Medlite C6 Laser
VI Derm Skin Lightener Rx
Tri-luma Rx
Glycolic Daily Cleanser
Vit-C Complex
EltaMD Sunscreen

Sun Spots:
Sun spots are similar to melasma in that they are caused by UV exposure. Sun spots are
often referred to as "hyperpigmentation" and are a result of cumulative UV damage.
Because sun spots are not typically linked to hormones, and often live more superficially
in the skin, we can treat them more aggressively than melasma. Sun spots are relatively
easy to clear and there are many treatments available to treat them. Below are a list of the
​treatments we offer in our office.

Chemical Peels
IPL Fotofacial
Total FX Laser Resurfacing
Medlite C6
VI Derm Skin Lightener Rx
Tri-luma Rx
Glycolic Daily Cleanser
Vit-C Complex
EltaMD Sunscreen